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10 Best DJI Pocket 2 Accessories

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Oct 20, 2020

The Pocket 2 is DJI's updated version of the Osmo Pocket. It features a larger sensor, larger field of view, four improved microphones and a lot of new accessories. In this article, we're going over my top 10 best accessories for the Osmo Pocket 2, or as DJI is calling it - the Pocket 2!

1. DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh is a great addition for peace of mind while out filming. If you break your camera, you can send it back to DJI for a replacement!

2. DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle

The Do-It-All handle really does... do it all! It fixes all of the downsides of the original Osmo Pocket and expands upon them, enabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless mic receiver, a USB-C port on the back and a tripod screw at the bottom.

3. DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter

The DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter is a great way to get your audio closer to your subject for better audio quality! This transmitter requires the Do-It-All handle to communicate with the Pocket 2.

4. Pocket 2 to Action Camera Mount

Id recommend buying a Pocket 2 to action camera mount to use your existing GoPro mounts with the Pocket 2! Don't have any action camera mounts? They are really cheap for an entire kit on amazon - check out #5 for our cheap kit recommendations!

5. Action Camera Accessory Kits

The beauty of buying action camera mount for your Pocket 2, is that you can use the wide array of action camera accessory kits! Here are some of the kits I recommend.

5a. A Pocket-focused Accessory Kit

This Pocket Accessory Kit Comes with extension cable and a cheap action camera mount. Would still recommend getting the sturdier mount for more secure mounting, but is a great place to start!

5b. 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

If you already have a Pocket 2 mount, check out this huge action camera-specific kit. This offers tons of mounting options for pretty cheap. There are some action camera-specific accessories (like the yellow bobber handle) but you can still use them with Pocket 2 after buying the mount. Great value.

6. DJI Pocket 2 Charging Case

While expensive, if you take your Pocket 2 around with you, the charging case is a really simple way to store and charge your Pocket 2 for a day of shooting. I have this for my original Osmo Pocket as well and loved traveling with it.

It keeps your P2 charged, allows for extra memory card storage and ND filter storage as well. If you use your P2 a lot, this is worth it - but if you're more of a casual user and don't need the charging, you can probably get by with the case that comes with the P2.

7. DJI Pocket 2 Phone Clip

There are plenty of Pocket 2/phone holders out there, but this is my favorite one that I've used. I used a very similar PGYTech holder for my original OP every time I used it. The build quality and materials of this clip set it apart from other handles that screw together. From experience, all of the screw handles eventually work themselves loose and slide around. This handle is solid with a hinge that keeps things tight.

8. Osmo Pocket ND Filters Set

For shooting cinematic video, an ND filter set is key. I use them for every camera I shoot with, and the regular ND filters I've been using are the DJI brand of ND filters. They fit in the case (and charging case) and attach to the front of the camera with magnets.

9. Pocket 2 Carrying Case

If you're looking for a large carrying case to take all of your accessories around with you, this travel case is a great way to keep all your accessories protected and throw it into a bag while traveling. It's a great way to travel and bring all your accessories with you without just putting them into a bag, this has cutouts for all your accessories.

10. Pocket 2 Waterproof Case

If you want to take your P2 underwater with you, the Pocket 2 underwater housing case is the way to go! You can start and stop recording and see the screen to see what you're shooting. Great for snorkeling and pool shots.

About the Author:

Keith Knittel

I'm a designer from Cleveland, Ohio and love to shoot photos & videos. I made my first website in 2004 to show friends photos & videos (before YouTube/Flickr were things) and have been shooting and designing ever since! I have a deep passion for making and helping others create.

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