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Featured Community Member: Bam Perspectives

I'm proud to announce that our first ever featured pilot is Marc Le Cornu aka Bam Perspectives! Marc has been part of our community (Facebook | Instagram) since we began, using our hashtags and tagging us in his awesome media on Instagram - so we're excited to feature more of his work for being a great community member!

Marc is 47 yrs old and based out of the 9x5 mile island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, UK - located between France & England, and has been shooting for fun for over the last 20+ years.

How were you introduced into the world of photography/videography?

I got into it just through a passion to capture things differently after appreciating seeing other great photographer's work. The advent of mobile phone tech and impressive editing apps fueled my love for photography as the best camera is the one you carry with you! The old camcorders and mobile phones have always been a source for the standard video work but only recently have I found a new love for video editing.

How did you get started into photography with a drone?

I started in drone photography after setting up the local emergency services aerial reconnaissance team, using drones to assist the services in search and rescue, fires, cliff rescues and other emergencies. Whilst flying out on missions, I started to see things from a new perspective and was very quickly hooked, so I bought a Mavic Pro and have never looked back!

Do you use your drone for commercial work? How did you get started in commercial work?

Yes I do. I have a business called Bam Perspectives shooting most aspects of aerial imagery, from property shoots to music videos, events to roof damage inspections and everything in between.

I got started by using the drones for the emergency services and then after buying my own drone and doing the remote pilot qualification course to start the business. Then it was a case of using social media to promote my business and contacting some potential clients and things have been great ever since.

How do you typically find clients for aerial photography/videography?

Mainly through word of mouth. It helps living on a small island where people can recommend you when they like your work. But I also contact people that I think may have a need for aerial imagery. I work with some amazingly creative local agencies and filmmakers and have been lucky enough to be involved in some fantastic projects.

Did you go to school for photography/videography or are you self taught?

I am completely self taught, this is still a work in progress and just within the last year of drone photography I have leant so much and changed my editing processes. I think it’s import to keep learning and pushing yourself to get better. And thanks to You Tube, there are some amazingly talented people sharing tips and tricks which have helped tremendously

What’s you favorite photo or video you’ve ever taken?

Wow, that’s a tough one! My first aerial shoot posted on my instagram feed of a top down image of Grosnez Castle is a big favourite as for the first time I saw this ruin from such a different perspective, starting my fascination with top down shoots. Another would have to be the top down shot of the Elizabeth Marina which got published in National Geographic Traveller Uk Magazine!! Seeing my image over a double page spread in that awesome yellow edged magazine will always hold a special place in my heart.

What’s the most difficult part of being an aerial photographer/videographer?

The most difficult part is the weather! Wind and rain are the enemy and often spoil planned shoots. Additionally cloudy days make everything look dull so the good old UK weather is a challenge, but just means I have to make the most of it when the forecast is good!

What inspires you to get out and shoot?

The excitement of not knowing what I might see when the drone is in the air, as even when I am out to shoot a specific location I will always see something unexpected that looks cool from above

What’s your best piece of advice for anyone just starting out with drone photography/videography?

My best advice is to make sure you are 100% informed about the local drone laws where you fly, make sure you have public liability insurance and then just get out and shoot. Early mornings and evenings are good times to shoot as there are fewer people around to annoy!

What’s your current drone/photography setup?

I’m currently using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, but have just taken delivery of a DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera which I cannot wait to get into operation and take my footage to the next level. I also have a Sony A7Riii for shooting stills on the ground and I absolutely love the clarity of this camera.

What editing programs do you use?

I mainly use Lightroom for stills with some work in Photoshop and Premiere Pro for video projects. I use the Creative Cloud to keep up to date with the latest developments from Adobe.

How can people find you online?

Web: BamPerspectives.com
Instagram: @bam_perspectives
Twitter: @BamPerspectives
Facebook: Bam Perspectives - Jersey
Vimeo: Bam Perspectives

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