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How to charge the Mavic Air remote controller

Publish Date:
Apr 26, 2019

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Getting the Mavic Air out of the box and charging up the intelligent flight batteries is pretty straight forward and easy. Charging the remote on the other hand, feels like i've been left to fend for myself.

USB-A, on the bottom of the Mavic Air remote?

My natural instinct is to look in the box for a USB-A (the big rectangle-shaped USB cable type we all know) for the bottom of the controller. But there isn't one.

Using the supplied USB-C cable?

My next thought is to look for a USB-C slot on the remote since there is an included USB-C cable with the Mavic Air. Again, no dice.

Micro USB to charge

The only other port on the Mavic Air remote is the micro usb port used to take the signal from your phone and send it to the controller.

You charge the Mavic Air by using the micro usb port on the side of the remote.

Removing the micro usb cable that goes to your phone and using the USB-C to micro USB adapter that comes in the box is the only way to charge the Mavic Air remote controller. If you're starting a charge from 0% it will take about 2.5 hours!

It's unclear why DJI didn't use USB-C to charge the Mavic Air remote. Part of me wishes DJI would only use one kind of port for everything so we would only have to carry one cable around with us and not use adapters. This may be to keep costs down? Maybe since micro USB is more common they decided to go with that? But the back of the Mavic Air has a USB-C port?

Anyways, to charge the Mavic Air remote control, use the micro usb port on the side of the remote. The one you plug your phone into.

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