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Osmo Action: How to Remove Front Filter & Use ND Filter

Publish Date:
Jun 07, 2019

The front filter of the Osmo Action, is REALLY ON THERE.

The filter on my Osmo Action seemed like it was welded onto the camera. I tried for 2 days to get it off because I didn’t want to hurt the camera. I thought I could crack the screen, put my nails into the small slots and get leverage to spin the front filter off, you name it - I tried it.

It was pretty frustrating to say the least. BUT, I was able to get it off on the second day of trying and putting some “Oomph” into it.

How To Remove Osmo Action Filter

The Best Way to Remove Osmo Action Filter

My saving grace when it came to removing osmo pocket filter was found in the kitchen believe it or not? Remember those rubber circles that make it easier to open jars? That’s what I was going for originally, but I couldn’t find it. It you have one of these, you’re golden. Use that to twist off the front filter of the Osmo Action. It takes some force.

The Second Best Way to Remove Osmo Action Filter

If you don’t have a rubber jar-opening disc, you’ll want to find something made of rubber to help you get a grip onto the front of the Osmo Action filters. I have a thick rubber band laying around in my junk drawer, I wrapped the rubber band around the filter, applied some force and BOOM! It broke the seal and came right off.

Well, it didn’t make a noise, I made that “Boom” noise because I was so excited to finally get that filter off!

Which direction does the Osmo Action Filter Turn?

If you’re applying too much force in the wrong direction, you’re going to have a bad time. The Osmo Action filter threads OFF in a counter-clock wise direction. The Osmo Action filter threads ON in a clock wise rotation.

Attaching ND Filters

After you get your original front filter off, your DJI (not available yet) or aftermarket ND filters can attach to the front of the Osmo Action! Just be sure to tighten them only finger tight so they don't get too stuck on the front again!

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