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Osmo Pocket Charging Case Review: Pros, Cons & What You Should Know Before Buying. Banner Image

Osmo Pocket Charging Case Review: Pros, Cons & What You Should Know Before Buying.

Publish Date:
May 03, 2019

The DJI Osmo Pocket case offers a lot of storage and protection for your Osmo Pocket, all while charging your Osmo with a 1500mAh battery - but is it worth the cost? In this article, we’re going to find out if the Osmo Pocket Charging Case is right for you

Charging & Cool Features

Starting out, the most obvious benefit of the charging case is… the charging! Being able to neatly charge your Osmo on the go is a pretty nice feature. The overall design and build quality of the case has a very premium feeling (as it should be for this price tag) but not overly heavy. The LED lights around the USB C port and on the front add to the ‘cool’ features of the Charging Case.

Taking the Osmo Pocket In & Out

The spinning presentation of the osmo pocket coming out of the case is pretty cool. Flipping the switch at the bottom of the case will spin the middle fabric cylinder, revealing the Osmo Pocket. I’ll admit, I just lock and unlock this case sometimes because of how cool it is. Taking it out of the case is pretty easy as well. There is a locking mechanism you can slide over the Osmo Pocket if you wish to use it this way, but I’ve never had to use it as the case does a pretty good job at securing the Osmo down.


Aside from charging, my favorite part about this case is the storage for accessories. You can store up to 4 ND filters (5 if you keep on on the Osmo in the case), 2 smart phone adapters, and 2 micro SD cards. Pretty awesome for such a small package!

Additional Protection

I love the Osmo Pocket, and I love taking it around with me. I throw this in my backpack or carry on bag when traveling and using the case that totally encloses the Osmo Pocket allows me to not have to be as delicate. The original case with the snap offers good protection, but the charging case surrounds every part of the Osmo Pocket making it a little more durable.

It’s Expensive

One thing to keep in mind, is that the Osmo Pocket Charging Case is expensive. It comes in at $129 USD and it almost half the price of the Osmo Pocket itself. Once you factor in memory cards and ND filters, you could be very close to the price of the entire Osmo Pocket.

Have to Remove the Smart Phone Adapter Before Storing

Since this case holds and charges the Osmo Pocket by the smart phone adapter, the adapter must be removed before storing. There is a spot for the smart phone adapter in the case, but it is just something to note - if you like quickly capturing moments, you’ll most likely be using the screen on the back.

Not a Power Bank

The USB C port is only for charging, it does not offer a way to use the port as an external power bank for other devices.

No Love for Polarization Filters

This case was not designed with larger polarization filters or wide angle lenses that stick out. While this isn’t a bad thing, as the regular ND filters can fit just fine, the magnetic hold on the bottom of the case.

Larger Than Original Case

This case is larger than the stock case. This is expected as it has a battery and accessory storage - just something to note though.

If You’re Only Looking for Charging...

If you’re only getting this for charging, a $20 battery bank is a less-graceful solution but will offer more charging cycles for a cheaper price. You can also charge other devices, with this case you can only charge the Osmo Pocket due to the way this case charges through the smart phone adapter.


The Osmo Pocket Charging Case is a great addition to the Osmo Pocket line up of accessories and will hold some of your other smaller accessories. It’s disappointing that you can’t store polarizer filters in the case, but the fact that you can hold 4 additional regular ND filters is pretty impressive. I think this is a great solution for the Osmo Pocket and has a very premium feel to it, but it does come with a big price tag.

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