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Top 10 Osmo Pocket Tips and Tricks to Film Better Footage

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Apr 22, 2019
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The Osmo Pocket is a great small camera that can... fit in your pocket. If you understand the different types of features, you can apply these tips and tricks for the Osmo Pocket to really maximize your footage and take it to the next level.

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The below list is a summary of the video above. For more details, watch the above video!

1. Using the Correct Osmo Pocket Mode

Knowing whether or not to use Follow, Tilt Locked or FPV mode will save you a lot of headaches!

2. Know what Osmo Pocket Gimbal Speed to Use

Filming action with the Osmo Pocket requires a fast gimbal speed, but getting buttery smooth footage will be difficult. Dropping the gimbal speed lower will give you more forgiveness, but wont react to your movements as quickly.

3. Get Familiar with Active Track on the Osmo Pocket

Active track is amazing with the Osmo Pocket! It's nice to be able to target a face or object and let he camera track it. Not available in FPV or 4K60fps though.

4. Nail the Osmo Pocket Exposure

Getting proper exposure with the Osmo Pocket is crucial, especially if you're filming in the standard picture profile. If you're using D-Cinelike, you can get away with using under or over exposing a little bit.. but not too much

5. High Quality Motion & Time Lapses

Motion lapses are a VERY underrated feature of the Osmo Pocket. Moving time lapses give your footage a little extra 'life' and are capable of some really interesting results! Using the photos that the Osmo Pocket generates instead of the 1080p version will give you better quality - but you will have to assemble these photos yourself.

6. Utilize the Gridlines and Advanced Features

Using the gridlines can help you keep a consistent horizon. The histogram, 'overexposure' or zebra stripes will help you nail your exposure as well from number 4 as well!

7. Use Dynamic Camera Movements

Dynamic camera movements can create a nice paralax effect and call attention to certain subjects.

8. Film Straight Up

The Osmo Pocket has the unique ability to film straight up above you, while you use the Osmo in a normal orientation. Use this to your advantage and film up, while walking straight for some pretty cool shots!

9. Use Accessories to Mount the Osmo Pocket

The Osmo Pocket features a action camera-style mounting adapter that let's it integrate flawlessly with the GoPro style action camera mounts. Lots of mounting opportunities!

10. Have Space on your Phone

If you happen to run out of storage space while you're out and about filming - the Osmo Pocket will shoot 1080p video and use your phones camera roll to store the footage. A really nice feature in a pinch!

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