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Buying a DJI drone at Best Buy

Where to buy a DJI drone is surprisingly a frequently asked question in my Instagram direct messages - specifically "where is the best place to buy a drone?" or "Where is the best drone store?", so I decided to make a series of article posts dedicated to each of the major places you can purchase a DJI drone from. Of course, there are lots of smaller camera shops and boutique stores but I’ll be focusing on larger stores. Do they accept store coupons? Gift cards? What place offers the best rewards? I’ll be reviewing Apple Stores, Amazon, Best Buy, Cabelas, Kohls & Target in this series.

Best Buy drones?

Best Buy offers DJI a wide variety of DJI drones. Pretty much all of them, in fact. This is awesome news if you have a Best Buy rewards membership or have any gift cards to use! Let's start by listing all of the DJI drones the Best Buy offers.

DJI Models Available & Prices at Best Buy

Mavic Pro

Mavic Air




Knowledge of Drones

Here is where Best Buy typically shines compared to other retail shops. Since Best Buy is a store focused on electronics unlike some other retailers - Best Buy has a department or at least an employee in a department that knows about the differences between the drones and can help you find the right drone your looking for. Best Buy may not have all the DJI drones in stock, but they can order them for you as well since they have access to a wide range of colors and every model.

Coupons, Discounts & Offers

DJI drones are typically not eligible for coupons and discounts - however, Best Buy offers a rewards program that can get you some savings towards your next Best Buy purchase. Best Buy also offers a credit card if you would like that option. The Best Buy website offers free shipping on all DJI drones, and if you input your zip code into their site, you can browse by "Pick up today by me" from a selection of in-stock drones near you. That's pretty cool, especially since it saves you driving and phone calls.

Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

Best Buy offers a Price Match Guarantee on their products, meaning they will match their competitors prices! This is great news if Best Buy has you drone in stock and find it cheaper at another retailer. One thing to note is that the SKUs have to be the same and some retailers use different SKUs for the same exact products. This could be for internal tracking or a conveinent way to not being able to offer the price match on a specific item "because the SKUs don't match exactly". It's crappy to say that but it's happened to me before. If matching from Amazon, it's even more difficult because the item has to be sold directly from Amazon and the SKUs have to match. It's definitely worth checking out though!

DJI Care

All new drones can have DJI Care purchased within 24 hours of activating the drone regardless of where you buy it from. As long as it is brand new and from an authorized seller you can purchase DJI Care Refresh and for a small fee (depends on the drone, but about $75) DJI will ship you a new drone if you crash yours. Renters insurance policy cover drones that are stolen, or you can add the drone to your ‘scheduled items’ for an additional yearly fee. But the DJI Care Refresh saves hassle amending items to your renters insurance, or upgrading your policy to include accidental damage to the drone. If you have a renters insurance policy, it might be worth checking out - but DJI Care Refresh stays with the serial number it was attached to - so if you go to sell your drone in the future DJI Care Refresh will still be attached to that serial number on that drone.

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