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What Gear Do You Use?

What do you use to do "that" is a question that often gets asked, so I decided to make a page letting everyone know what my favorite gear at the time is. This is the most up to date and current list of my Drone gear, YouTube gear and Mirrorless camera gear.

My Drone Gear

Phantom 4 Pro

Main Big Drone

My Phantom 4 Pro is the drone I reach for when I have to shoot most anything for a client. If they require something bigger, I rent a friends Inspire 2 - but if you can properly expose a shot, the Phantom 4 Pro will be able to capture fantastic results. It's an absolute work horse.

Mavic 2 Pro

Main Travel Drone

My Favorite travel drone. The Mavic 2 Pro has an awesome sensor for getting high quality visuals that can fit in any backpack. 4K 1-inch sensor earned it a permanent spot in my bag (Until the next one comes out, at least.)

Mirrorless Camera & YouTube Setup

Sony A7III

Main Camera

Absolutely love the A7III, 120fps, great low light, full frame. Use this for my YouTube videos and product photography.

Sony 24-105mm G

Main Zoom Lens

My favorite 'walk around' lens for the full frame Sony cameras. Great coverage of my most used focal lengths with good quality. Love this lens.

Samyang 35mm f1.4

Main YouTube Lens

Great 35mm prime with a lot of character. Focuses close to subjects and has great depth of field. Good bokeh in the middle of the frame.

(2) Godox AD200's


Small, powerful flashes for product, portrait & skateboard photography. Lightweight and able to pack up into my backpack quickly.


Main Gimbal

Awesome gimbal that can handle a lot of weight and is comfortable to carry for long periods of time. Recommend if you're in the market for a gimbal.

Sennheiser MKH-416 + Zoom H6

YouTube Mic + Audio Recorder

Great audio can set your videos apart from the rest. Learning to get great audio is MUCH easier when you have the right equipment. The 416 & H6 are a match made in heaven for YouTube videos, and there is a package on Amazon right now where you pretty much get the recorder for free. This is the package I bought, worth every penny.


Adobe Creative Suite

Editing Software

Adobe makes some of the best desktop and mobile software for editing videos, sound, photos and designing. The gold standard for post production.

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