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Drone Photography & Videography for Beginners Training Course [In Progress!] Sign Up to Get Notified!

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Sep 12, 2019
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Drone photography training course: learn to fly, shoot photos & videos with a drone!

In this step-by-step course we’ll start from scratch, learning to fly, shoot photos & videos — and then work up to more advanced flying techniques, learn how to film cinematic drone footage, and shoot high-quality photos!

Here is an overview of my Drone photography & videography for beginners course!

How to Fly a Drone for Beginners

Safety and Best Practices

First, I'll go over equipment, safety and best practices before anything else. Understanding what you need and how to fly safely is important!

Where Can You Fly a Drone Safely?

While this isn't a course that is going to focus on reading sectional charts, I believe it's important everyone should know what is safe airspace to fly in - I will go over how to know what airspace you can safely fly in, as well as checking local laws.

From Flight Basics to More Advanced Techniques

In this course we'll go over the flight basics like taking off, flying and landing - but we'll then move into more advanced flying techniques and gimbal movements that will carry over to your footage and photos!

Drone Tips for Cinematic Shots

Choosing the Best Cinematic Drone Settings

We'll learn how to get cinematic drone shots, complete with downloadable cheatsheets you can print or save to your phone for reference to take with you in the field .

Drone Photography for Beginners

I'll also go over drone photography tips to get the best looking photos you can with your drone! I'm a fan of quality over quantity, so maximizing your time while your up there will result in more photos and videos! But hopefully with my tips, you'll end up getting more shots - of better quality!

How to Edit Drone Photos & Footage

Edit Drone Photos in Lightroom

I'll give you an overview of my Lightroom workflow and how I edit photos as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still getting high-quality results.

Let's Learn How to Edit Drone Footage

After your done shooting, editing the drone footage is the next step, but this is what I get the most questions about. Most drone pilots aren't master video editors, and that's okay! It's still possible to get cinematic-looking videos without being a video editing pro. I'll walk you through my Premiere Pro workflow, include some sample footage so you can follow along, and give you my Premiere Pro Project template that I use to get up and running quickly!

Common Drone Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Finally, we'll go over some common mistakes when it comes to drone flying, photography & videography. There are a few common mistakes that new drone pilots make, and most of them are easily fixable - but understanding the mistakes are the first step to fixing them!

I'm very excited to be working on my course, and hope to have it ready to release soon! I'm currently working on writing my scripts and filming the videos right now!

I have been helping drone pilots in our Facebook Group, YouTube channel and even Instagram DM's learn how to fly and shoot better visuals - but all of the information has been fragmented over multiple different channels, and sometimes they are direct messages or emails - so the information only gets to one person. Which I love, but I also would like to bundle all of this information in one place, and a formatted way that is easy to follow along and learn.

I'm working on the course now!

I started working on this course in May of 2019, and I thought I would have it done by the end of summer - but MAN was I wrong! I underestimated how much work goes into making a course, but I didn't want to rush the course to sacrifice quality. I'm giving myself a new course launch date of Thanksgiving of 2019, and I'm going to do my very best to make that happen!

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About the Author:

Keith Knittel

I'm a designer from Cleveland, Ohio and love to shoot photos & videos. I made my first website in 2004 to show friends photos & videos (before YouTube/Flickr were things) and have been shooting and designing ever since! I have a deep passion for making and helping others create.

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