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How To Download DJI Fly App for Mavic Mini

The introduction of the Mavic Mini is a really fun and interesting take on "beginner drones". The Mavic Mini is made to be as lightweight and beginner-friendly as possible, and with beginners in mind - DJI made a brand new app to fly the Mavic Mini.

Recent drones have use the DJI GO 4 App to fly and interact with the drone, but with all of the complicated camera settings and modes - it's not as beginner-friendly as it could possibly be. Getting to know the DJI GO 4 app is an afternoon or two on it's own!

Enter the DJI Fly app

DJI Fly is an app that offers some new features, as well as stripping out some of the complicated features of the other DJI flight apps. The DJI Fly app offers flight capabilities of the drone, but also has tips, tutorials, manuals, templates for editing and much more!

This app is clearly focused on the ease of use and removing the need to have multiple apps for flying, editing and more information about flying your Mavic Mini.

How To Download DJI Fly App for Mavic Mini

If you don't have a preflight checklist for your Mavic Mini yet, I made a printable PDF that you can download for FREE and use for your flights!

Mavic Mini Preflight Checklist

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