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Mavic Air Status Indicator Light Guide

Publish Date:
May 21, 2018
Flight Foundation

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The Mavic Air lights meaning can tell you about the current state of the drone. You can also read these on the screen of the device you’re flying with but if your device disconnects or you’re watching someone else fly who may not see the message on the screen while flying - it helps to know what these lights mean. Different patterns and colors mean different things, so lets start with the normal states of the aircraft.

Normal Mavic Air Light Codes

Blinking red, green and yellow: Turning on and performing self-diagnostic tests

Blinking yellow 4 times: Warming up

Blinking green slowly: P-mode with GPS

Blinking green twice: P-mode with forward and downward vision sensors active

Blinking yellow slowly: No GPS, forward or downward vision systems.

Blinking green: Braking

Warning Mavic Air Light Meanings

Blinking yellow quickly: Remote controller signal lost

Blinking red slowly: Low Battery

Blinking red quickly: Critically low battery

Solid red light: Critical error

Blinking red and yellow quickly: Compass calibration required

Learning what each of these lights mean on their own can be a tricky task - especially since the light patterns have different meanings. Once learning them though, they can provide an extra layer of confidence while flying and not needing to constantly be looking at the screen while you're flying.

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