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10 Best Mavic Air Accessories

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Jul 09, 2018

The Mavic Air is one of the best portable, foldable drones available right now. While being super portable, it also has an awesome 4K, 12 megapixel camera! This is a drone that can get seriously good visuals, but sometimes it can be hard to find the best mavic air accessories. Below is a list of accessories for the mavic air that we’ve found and used that take flying and shooting to the next level. Most of these accessories can be found in the Mavic Air Fly More combo, which we really recommend to buy - more details about that in the list below!

1. Mavic Air Batteries

Having extra batteries for the Mavic Air is essential. We recommend buying the Mavic Air Fly More Combo since it's cheaper than buying more batteries and accessories separately. However, sometimes 3 batteries isn't enough, and if you're a power user of the Mavic Air or go on long trips where charging batteries isn't possible (hiking, camping, backpacking, etc) then you'll find out you need more batteries! Having the Mavic Air battery charging hub from the Fly More Combo (or available separately here) is a big help with this. The battery hub detects which battery is the fullest and charges that one first then the others. Pretty cool to get back to flying quickly.

If you travel on airplanes: Mavic Air Battery Safe Bag for you batteries for safe transport of lithium batteries. One large bag can hold 3 Mavic Air Batteries. Small size fits 2 Mavic Air Batteries.

2. Mavic Air Car Charger

If the #1 most important Mavic Air accessories are batteries, the number 2 most important is a charger. Since the Mavic Air Fly More Combo comes the battery charging hub that works in an AC outlet, the next most important thing is the Mavic Air Car Charger. It's disappointing that the Fly More Combo doesn't include the Car Charger in the bundle as I think it is an important piece of the kit. If you have a few batteries and the car charger, you can essentially fly all day as long as you put the dead battery on the car charger while you're on location. This is a technique I loved to do with my Phantom 4 Pro.

3. Mavic Air ND Filters

The best Mavic Air accessory you will get is a good set of ND Filters. ND filters allow you to shoot cinematic footage in bright light and some can even cut the glare off of water with a polarizing filter. ND filters are an absolute must for anyone looking to shoot cinematic footage. They are easy to use and don't take up much space in your camera bag. Our favorite brand of ND filters are Polar Pro. They offer everywhere from a ND4 (2 stop) to ND64 (4 stops)! They also offer regular ND filters and polarizing ND filters to help cut down on glare from the sun. Both are great to have!

4. Mavic Air Micro SD Card

The Mavic Air only comes with 8GB of onboard storage, so a Micro SD Card is ab absolute MUST. I use a 64GB Sandisk Extreme's for my Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air and it hasn't let me down yet. I can shoot plenty of 4K footage and RAW images with the 64GB capacity and the Sandisk Extreme can keep up with all of the write speeds necessary with the 4K footage.

5. Mavic Air Cases

The case that come with the Mavic Air Fly More Combo (Mavic Air Travel Bag) is pretty good, but if you have a lot of gear you will need a bigger bag. The normal Mavic Air (Non-Fly More Combo) comes with only a carrying case that only fits the Mavic Air and nothing else. If you're hard on your gear or will be taking it on a trip and putting it with other heavy luggage, a hard case is something to take a look into buying. The beauty of the Mavic Air is that it can fit in so many traditional camera bags.

5a. Mavic Air traditional camera bag

The best big bag for the Mavic Air, tons of accessories, laptop and a DSLR is the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW. I use the Incase DSLR Pro pack for the past 6 years! It's an awesome everyday bag that I bought in college for my laptop, DSLR and small notebooks. Works awesome and I still use it for work everyday. 10/10 would recommend for everyday use.

5b. Hard Case for just the Mavic Air

The best hard case for the Mavic Air is the Smatree Hard Case, that fits everything that comes in the Mavic Air Fly More Combo.

5c. Hard Case for the Mavic Air & more camera gear

The Pelican 1510 is the gold standard for rugged cases for tons of gear. The beauty of the Mavic Air is that you can fit the Mavic Air in one of the compartments and still have tons of room for your accessories and DSLR gear.

6. Extra Mavic Air Propellers

Having an extra set of propellers is a must for the Mavic Air. Since the Mavic Air is so low to the ground, when landing it's possible that you could scuff up a propeller while landing. I know my readers or me would never crash. 😜

On a serious note, even though it looks like a few marks, it could cause the Mavic Air to fly unsteady and off balance. Replacing the damaged propeller can save you headaches down the road and they're relatively inexpensive.

7. Extra Mavic Air Gimbal Covers

Speaking from experience, it never hurts to have an extra gimbal protector than the original one the Mavic Air comes with. When I was out shooting, I lost mine (even though I left it right next to my bag while flying 🙄) and had to order another one. I had to be extra careful with my Mavic since I didn't want to hurt the gimbal and it was a pain in the butt. Lesson learned.

8. Landing Pad

Landing pads are useful with the Mavic Air since it has such a low-profile to the ground and an object could jar the gimbal while landing. They can be helpful for taking off in grass as well so the props dont hit anything. The best part is, these are slim and don't take up much room.

9. DJI Care Refresh for Mavic Air

DJI Care refresh is a great program that can help you if you have an accident with your drone. There is a fee if you need to use it, but the fee is much smaller than buying a new drone. That's for sure. Be sure to activate DJI Care Refresh within 24 hours of activating the Mavic Air!

As a side note, if you're in The United States (not sure about other countries) and have renters insurance, some policies will cover the drone. It's worth a call to your broker, but keep in mind if you have to use the insurance you will need to file a claim and go through the insurance process. The beauty of DJI Care Refresh is that your premium wont go up after the fee. Worth looking into, I have renters insurance and still purchased DJI Care Refresh since my deductible was higher.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

After all of photos and footage is shot, you have to edit it somehow. This is where Adobe Creative Cloud comes into the picture. Adobe has the best in class video (Premiere Pro & After Effects) and photo editing (Photoshop & Lightroom) programs along with some helpful tools for converting video/audio into just about any format, typekit subscription, cloud storage and much more. I use Creative Cloud everyday, and is definitely worth the price to be able to create anything I can think of.

If you only need Lightroom and Photoshop, there are plans that allow you to only use those programs and pay less than usual. The full Creative Cloud features a massive suite of apps.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud


This list of my top Mavic Air accessories was compiled over the course of months of using my Mavic Air. While those are the top 10 most important accessories for the Mavic Air, here is a list of runners up that are still helpful!

Free Download of our Mavic Air Preflight Checklist PDF!

About the Author:

Keith Knittel

I'm a designer from Cleveland, Ohio and love to shoot photos & videos. I made my first website in 2004 to show friends photos & videos (before YouTube/Flickr were things) and have been shooting and designing ever since! I have a deep passion for making and helping others create.

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