All of the Aerial Guide preset packs include the Adobe Premiere Pro LUTS and identical Adobe Lightroom presets so your videos and photos can have the similar aesthetic. A must for any professional or serious Instagram/YouTube users!

What’s special about the Essential City & Architecture Lightroom Presets Pack?

The Essential City and Architecture Preset Pack is geared towards shooting in cities around buildings and structures. This pack includes BOTH Lightroom presets and LUTS for video editing! Featuring great presets to get different looks with your photos and videos. 

Here are the kinds of Presets/LUTs included in this pack:

Vivid & Bright

There are a few different scenarios that we’re adding in this pack, starting with Vivid and deeply saturated actions that give you a baseline for making your photos really pop. The bright and color saturation presets perform great on instagram! 

Moody Tones

Next we have another great performer and my go-to for those Instagram likes: Moody tones. This equalizes the overall exposure and makes certain colors stand out and others recede into the background.  Perfect for calling attention to a specific color or part of the image!

Muted Colors

Continuing with the muted colors now, we have some great presets for shoots where there isn’t a particular color standing out in the shot or it is an overcast/gray day overall. These presets help you bring down the colors and boost the textures to give an effect that really shines through with the muted image.

Night Shots

And what would a city/building preset pack be without one of the most interesting ways to shoot buildings - at night! This pack includes 3 night presets that make the lights pop and subtle darker tones stand out agains the dark shadows. A must-have for night shots! 

Why Aerial Guide Preset Packs?

  • Free Updates for life. If we add more presets to this pack, we'll email you to get the new presets for free.
  • 7 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.
  • Lightroom Presets AND Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro LUTS included, to match photos and footage as close as possible.
  • Direct Message us on Instagram after your purchase, we will give you a shout out on our Instagram!

Our LUTS are calibrated to Rec 709 with a gamma of 2.4. Premiere Pro, Resolve and Final Cut Pro X all use Rec709 2.4.

Our Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop are calibrated to use RGB colorspace (for use on web/screens). Still work with CKYK print materials.


If you have a great city/building architecture preset you’d like to add to this pack, contact me I’ll add it to the pack in the next release! For helping me out, I’ll give you a shout out on this product page, our Instagram and the Readme!

What drones/cameras will these presets work with?

The Essential City & Architecture Preset Pack was made with the Phantom and Mavic series drones in mind, but this pack will work well with any drone or camera. The presets are in no way restricted to one kind of camera! Presets are meant to get you 98% of the way to a great looking visual - your shot may have to be adjusted slightly to compensate with exposure or harsh lighting. Still much faster than dragging the sliders trying to get the right look though! That's why we love them!

Thank you for purchasing!

Purchasing items from Aerial Guide helps me push the site forward with website articles, instagram posts, YouTube videos, building out features on the website and so much more. Thank you for your support and hope you love the preset pack!



Initial Release with Vivid, Saturated Summer, Evenly Muted, Cloudy & Overcast Boost, Foggy Boost, Foggy - Equalize & Mute, Night City / Architecture, Moody Architecture.

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